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The TruSteel™ infusion set features a very fine, 29-gauge, 90-degree stainless steel needle for those who prefer the reliability of steel sets but do not want to compromise on comfort. With its additional adhesive pad, it provides extra security against needle dislodging. The set's simplicity and security make it a good choice for those who have reactions to plastic cannulas, and those with a history of bent cannulas.

  • 90° stainless steel needle
  • Manual insertion
  • Additional adhesive pad offers extra protection against dislodging
  • Available with 6mm or 8mm cannula
  • Features t:lockTM Connector (10 ea.)
  • Available with 60cm or 82cm tubing
  • Free, priority shipping

  • Over 1 Million satisfied patients since 1996

  • 90-days of supplies with each order

  • Provider for Medicare and 500+ private insurance carriers

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