Diabetes Supplies

Insulin Pumps and Supplies
 Tandem Pump
 Insulet Omnipod
 Medtronic
Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)
 Dexcom (CGM)
 Free Style Libre (CGM)
Diabetes Glucose Meters & Test Strips
 Options available for Glucose Meters & Strips

Enteral Nutrition

Enteral Nutrition Formulas:
 Oral & Enteral Feeding Tube Administration
 Options: Standard, Specialty, and Plant-Based
Enteral Feeding Supplies:
 Pumps, Tubing, and Delivery Systems
 INFINITY Enteral Feeding Pump
 KANGAROO JOEY Enteral Feeding Pump
 Kate Farms, Nestle, Abbott, Real Food Blends & many more

Urology Supplies

Incontinence Supplies:
 Entire spectrum of Male and Female bladder control supplies
 Variety of designs and products for Children & Adults
 Samples of Briefs & Diapers available upon request
 Attends
Urological Catheters:
 Urological Catheters and Supplies
 Medical Technologies of Georgia (MTG): EZ Advancer, EZ Gipper, Cath-Lean, Kiddie-Kath, Jiffy Cath, Stoma Stopper & TAI
 Bard: Closed Systems, Magic3, and other supplies
 Hollister, Convatec, Coloplast and many more

Additional DME

Ostomy Supplies
Breast Pumps
AffloVest Chest Percussion Therapy Vest (HFCWO)

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