Focused on the well being of our clients.

For over two decades, One Source Medical Group has been highly committed to quality improvement initiatives focused on enhancing systems, structures, measurements, and adaptive actions for the continuous improvement of services and durable medical equipment to customers nationwide.

Community Outreach

One Source Medical Group continues its dedication through disseminating bilingual health education and promotional essentials focused on fostering the active engagement of individuals in their lifestyles and behaviors as related to their overall health. Community outreach through sponsored events such as health and wellness fairs, open houses, and educational classes, is used to identify and develop multidimensional, effective, and customized approaches to help obtain better outcomes and improve patient compliance.


It is the mission of One Source Global Group, LLC and Subsidiaries to incorporate personal care with PATIENT ADVOCACY, attentive personnel to provide PROVIDER INTEGRITY, On-going MEDICAL EDUCATION and COMMUNITY OUTREACH in a professional, trusting manner with our medical professionals, physicians, payors and patients.

The core of our success is the inspiration given from our patients, the dedication given from our medical professionals and physicians, the education from our manufactures with new technologies, the platform that our payor partners allow us to serve the patients in need and our value driven mission that continues on a daily basis to make a positive difference in the lives of our patients