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The FARRELL Valve Gastric Decompression System

Corpak The FARRELL Valve Gastric Decompression System is designed to help those who suffer from poor gastric motility, pain and bloating. It maximizes enteral feeding by providing a channel to constantly decompress the stomach, allowing the stomach to feed at its own pace. By allowing for a reservoir channel, the clinician can maximize enteral feeding and minimize the need for TPN

Why to choose Corpak Valve Decompression System?
  • Reduces risk of pulmonary aspiration 
  • Relieves pressure on recent gastric surgeries
  • Improves patient comfort and reduces pain

Corpak Valve System Features

  • Corpak The FARRELL Valve Gastric Decompression System reduces the threat of aspiration pneumonia 
  • Eliminates the pain and discomfort associated with fluid and gas retention
  • Decreases pressure on recent fundoplications and other surgical procedures
  • Assists patients in reaching caloric goals
  • Increased resolution on Farrell Bag volume readings 
  • Improved monitoring of reflux material levels by caregivers
  • Improved ambulatory use, fluid flow and control upon refeeding
  • Bi-directional flow indicators inform users on fluid path
  • Medical therapies or conditions that create gastric distention or bloating:
    • Gastroesophageal Reflux
    • Patients treated with CPAP
    • Aerophagic patients
    • Delayed gastric emptying
    • Neurologically impaired patients
    • Delayed Gastric Emptying Post Fundoplication

Farrell Instruction Guide

What to buy with FARREL Decompression System

  • Applied Medical Tech AMT Clamp Device
  • Dale ACE Connector
  • Abbott Ensure Light Ready-To-Drink Nutrition Shake

FARREL Valve System Additional Features

  • Features Closed Overflow Reservoir 
  • First closed system for gastric fluid containment and simultaneous venting
  • Contains and retains fluid until patient can tolerate fluid volume 
  • Prevents loss of medications and formula
  • Prevents caregiver exposure to gastric contents 
  • With Equilibrium Technology 
  • Equalizes pressure between patient’s gastric system and the external environment
  • Reduction of gas and fluid containment may allow patients to achieve caloric goals 
  • Precise Graduation Markings
  • Increased resolution on Farrell Bag volume readings
  • Roller Clamp
    • Improves fluid flow and control, upon refeeding Bi-directional
    • Indicators Inform users on fluid path

Instructions to use Farrell Valve

  • Hang FARRELL bag at the same height as the feeding bag/container
  • Close WHITE clamp above FARRELL “Y” port.
    • a. Attach enteral administration set connector to “Y” port on FARRELL tubing.
    • b. Prime FARRELL tubing below the “Y” (3 ml).
    • c. Close BLUE clamp.
  • Attach FARRELL set connector to the feeding tube.
  • Important: Position the FARRELL “Y” port at or below the patient’s stomach
  • Open the BLUE clamp to establish flow, then open the WHITE clamp.
  • NOTE: Normal height of the formula in the FARRELL tubing will be slightly above the patient’s stomach level. The formula may continuously move up and down in the FARRELL tubing.

    FARRELL Valve Gastric Decompression System can be used with:

    Can be used with any type of ENFit Feeding Tube -
    • NG/NI
    • G
    • PEG
    • J
    • G-J
    • Low Profile Balloon G-Tubes

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