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Rochester Magic3 Hydrophilic Male Intermittent Catheter

Rochester Magic3 Hydrophilic Male Intermittent Catheter provides virtually friction-free catheter insertion and withdrawal. This catheter is available in a sterile, single unit package as well as in a closed system that offers no-touch catheterization and an integral urine collection bag. It comes with a straight tip. This catheter is designed from a unique composite of three distinct silicone layers for comfortable, easy, and reliable intermittent catheterization.

Benefits of Bard Rochester Magic3 - 16" Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter
  • Provides a secure-grip area for added ease of handling
  • Gentle on sensitive tissue
  • Optimal handling
  • Easy insertion
  • Straight catheter tip
  • Made of silicone material

Rochester Magic3 Hydrophilic Male Catheter Features

  • 100% Silicone, Maximum Comfort, Easier Handling and Navigation
    • This intermittent catheter is made of 100% silicone is soft and designed to be gentle on delicate urethral tissue
    • It has an ultra-soft outer layer designed to help maximize comfort
    • A firm middle layer for easier handling and a pliable inner layer for easier navigation

  • Tapered Tip, Four Comfort Sized Drainage Eyes
    • Comfort designed tapered tip and four comfort sized drainage eyes for ease of movement over sensitive areas and maximum drainage and flow

  • Hydrophilic Coating
    • The catheter’s outer surface has a hydrophilic coating on it that when wet creates a virtually friction-free catheter insertion and withdrawal

  • Urine flows out of the catheter through the funnel shaped outlet
  • Urine flows into the catheter tip through the for drainage eyes
  • Available with an antibacterial coating

Magic3 Techonlogy: It features three unique silicone layers:

  • Ultra-soft outer layer designed to help maximize comfort: The gentle outer layer is soft silicone with an ultra-smooth surface. It provides enhanced lubricity for reduced abrasion and minimal trauma at the critical interface between the catheter and sensitive urethral tissue.

  • Firm middle layer:The middle layer of proprietary silicone gives the catheter a precise level of firmness for quick, simple insertion. It makes the catheter easy to handle without compromising the comfort provided by the ultra-soft outer layer.

  • Pliable innermost layer for easy navigation: The soft innermost layer is made with an especially pliable silicone, that helps assure the catheter can navigate the urethra without unnecessary force. Additionally, this layer resists kinking and leverages the hydrophobic characteristics of silicone for efficient, reliable drainage.

  • Magic3 Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter Technology manual

    Preparation for Magic3 Hydrophilic Male Intermittent Catheter

    What to buy with Rochester Magic3 Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter?

    • Nycomed Fougera Surgilube Lubricating Jelly
    • Graham-Field Tube/Catheter Clamp
    • Sammons Preston Hands-Free Cathing Mirror

    How to use Bard Magic 3 Male Intermittent Catheter?

    • Wash your hands with soap and water and dry them
    • Open the package at the funnel end
    • Remove the catheter
    • Lubricate the tip after the catheter with a water-based lubricant
    • Avoid touching the tip of the catheter to other surfaces or with your fingers to prevent contamination
    • Wash the tip of your penis using a washcloth or wet wipe
    • Wash your hands again with soap and water and dry them
    • You can insert an intermittent catheter from a number of different positions such as sitting or standing
    • Pick up the catheter with your dominant hand slowly pass the tip of the catheter into the opening of your urethra
    • Continue inserting the catheter until urine starts to flow
    • Try to stay relaxed when inserting any catheter if you feel resistance just stop for a second take a deep breath and gently resume insertion
    • If you feel tense the muscle in your bladder may tighten and make it difficult to insert or withdraw the catheter
    • As soon as urine starts to flow point your penis down toward the toilet or other collection device
    • If you cannot reach the toilet a collection device or extension tubing can be used
    • When urine stops flowing slowly begin to withdraw the catheter
    • If urine starts to flow again while you're removing the catheter stop until the last drops have drained
    • Finish removing your catheter and dispose of it and its packaging into a wastebasket
    • Do not flush the catheter down the toilet
    • Remember that a catheter should only be used one time
    • Finally wash your hands again with soap and water

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