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OmniPod DASH Pods

The Omnipod DASH Insulin Management System is the first and only tubeless device that can provide 3 days of non-stop insulin delivery. Simple, easy to use system, free from the hassles of tubing and daily injections. Its unique design consists of just two parts; a lightweight, tubeless, waterproof, wearable Pod controlled by a smartphone-like touch-screen Bluetooth enabled controller, minimizing the number of components to carry. The Pod can be worn almost anywhere an injection would be administered. Automatic insertion to activate the Pod means never having to see or handle a needle — omnipod has a suite of mobile apps for iPhone/iOS users allow even more discretion and convenience, providing remote access to diabetes data, making diabetes a smaller part of life.

OmniPod DASH Benefits


  • Low-profile design
  • Waterproof up to 25 feet for 60 minutes
  • Easy push button application
  • Wireless connection to the Omnipod Dash PDM
  • Each Box contains 5 Omnipod Dash Pods

Omnipod DASH System Features

  • Omnipod Dash has up to 72 hours of nonstop insulin delivery, meaning 1 Pod for approximately 14 shots!
  • Tubeless and Waterproof Pod design with 200-unit insulin reservoir allowing you to conveniently and discreetly adjust and manage your insulin delivery anywhere life takes you, even while swimming or sleeping.
  • Automatic cannula insertion at the push of a button, so you never have to handle or see a needle.
  • Integrated Bolus Calculator, Presets & CalorieKing that does the thinking and math for you making it easy to use.
  • Available through the Pharmacy with no commitment or lock in periods. Includes a PDM at no cost which could save you money on out-of-pocket costs and deductibles.
  • Insulet Provided Glooko offers the ability to sync insulin delivery and compatible CGM data to one place for easy access for both you and your healthcare provider.
  • iOS compatibility with 2 mobile apps that will allow others to remotely access and monitor insulin data.
  • Omnipod Display widget allows access to combined view of Omnipod DASH System and a CGM status.
  • Exceptional product support that is there for you 24/7.

How To Use OmniPod Pod Diabetic Assesment Tool?


  • Remove the fill syringe and needle from its sterile packaging. Keep the Pod in its tray during set up. Confirm the Pod’s needle cap is blue
  • Use the alcohol prep swab to clean the top of the insulin vial
  • Assemble the fill syringe by twisting the needle onto the syringe
  • Pull outward to remove the syringe’s protective cap
  • Draw air into the fill syringe equal to the amount of insulin you will use
  • Insert needle into the vial of insulin and inject air
  • Turn the vial and syringe upside down
  • Slowly withdraw insulin from the vial and fill the syringe with the amount of insulin you will use; fill at least to the MIN line
  • Tap or flick the syringe to remove any air bubbles
  • Leave Pod in its plastic tray
  • Insert the needle straight down into the fill port on the underside of the Pod. To ensure proper fill, do not insert fill syringe at an angle into the fill port
  • Completely empty the syringe into the Pod
  • The Pod will beep twice, indicating that the Omnipod DASH System is ready to proceed
  • Return to the PDM. If the PDM screen times out, press the Power button to turn it back on. Place the PDM next to the Pod so they are touching
  • Tap “NEXT”
  • The PDM establishes a one-to-one relationship with the Pod, which will prevent it from communicating with any other Pod while this Pod is active. Once the Pod successfully completes its priming and safety checks, the PDM will beep


  • Select the infusion site, being careful to avoid areas where the Pod will be affected by folds of skin. Refer to the Pod Placement/Prep/Tips section in this resource guide for sites your healthcare provider may recommend and placement tips
  • For optimal adhesion, always clean the site thoroughly with an alcohol swab to remove all body oils and lotions, which may loosen the Pod’s adhesive. Let the site air-dry completely; do not blow on the site to dry it
  • Remove Pod’s blue needle cap4
  • Carefully remove white paper backing from the adhesive, ensuring the adhesive is clean and intact
  • Apply the Pod to the selected site
  • Run your finger around the adhesive to secure it

Press Start 

  • Tap “START”
  • Verify that the Pod is securely attached to your body, then tap “CONFIRM”
  • For best technique refer to pinching up in the Pod Placement/ Prep/Tips section of this Resource Guide
  • The Pod automatically inserts the cannula and delivers a prime bolus to fill the cannula with insulin
  • Once the cannula has inserted, verify proper insertion by checking that the pink slide insert is visible in the faint window on the top of the Pod
  • Pod is now active!
  • The PDM will generate an automatic reminder to check your blood glucose 1.5 hours after each pod change

Where to Wear Omnipod Dash Pods?

It’s important to choose a new area every time when placing your Pod to avoid site overuse, which could result in variable absorption. The new area should be at least 1 inch away from the previous one, 2 inches away from the navel and not over a mole, scar, or tattoo, where insulin absorption may be reduced. Be sure to put your Pod somewhere you’ll be comfortable—avoid sites where belts, waistbands, or tight clothing may rub against, disturb, or dislodge the pod.

Back, abdomen, and buttocks
  • Position the Pod horizontally or at a slight angle.
Pinching up
  • This step is important if your Pod location is very lean or doesn’t have much fatty tissue. Place your hand over the Pod and make a wide pinch around your skin surrounding the viewing window. Then press the Start button on the Personal Diabetes Manager. You can let go when the cannula inserts.

How to Place Omnipod Dash Pods

  • Arm & Leg
  • Position the Pod vertically or at a slight angle.
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