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MIC-KEY Continuous Feed Extension Set With ENFit Connectors

MIC-KEY Continuous Feed Extension Set With ENFit Connector is for use with Mickey low-profile gastrostomy, Jejunal and Transgastric-Jejunal feeding tubes. Enfit feeding connector allows a solid screw connection to the enteral feeding sets. The Secur-Lok connector at the patient end fits perfectly into the Mic-Key feeding port without damaging the anti-reflux valve.

Benefits of MICKey Continuous Feed Extension Set

  • DEHP-free
  • Extension set with catheter tip SECUR-LOK
  • Tubing clamp
  • Latex-free
  • Individually package

MIC-KEY Continuous Feed Extension Set Features

  • 24" extension set with catheter tip
  • Secur-lok Straight Connector
  • Non-Sterile
  • Reusable
  • Single patient use
  • Connector#1: 2 Port "Y"
  • Connector#2: SECUR-LOK Right Angle

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Enfit Extention Set Cleaning Instructions

Enteral misconnections happen when enteral feeding tubes or extension sets are accidentally connected to non-enteral tubing. It may occur with IV lines, urinary catheters, respiratory tubing, or any other devices. For instance, there have been instances recorded where the formula-fed into a patient’s veins with a feeding tube was accidentally connected to an IV line. To avoid this mishap, experts advise caregivers and users to clean Enfit Extension Sets properly.

How to Clean ENFit Extension Sets?

What You Will Need?
  • A cup full of sterile or tap water
  • ENFit syringe
  • ENFit extension set
  • Clean toothbrush
Cleaning ENFit Extension Sets:
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. Additionally, properly rinse the brush with tap water.
  • Disconnect the extension set. Soak them in clean water and then rinse under a faucet for a minimum of 1 minute.
  • Next, wet the toothbrush with clean water. Then, rotate in the bottom of the moat and cap for 15 seconds.
  • Now fill the syringe with clean water and flush the extensions.
  • Wipe the ports on the extension set and the cap dry.
  • Clean the supplies and air dry.

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