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Kimberly-Clark MIC-KEY Bolus Extension Set

Kimberly-Clark MIC-KEY Bolus Extension Set comes with Catheter Tip and Secur-Lok KEY connection mechanism to minimize feeding set disconnects. It is to be used with MIC-KEY Low-Profile Gastrostomy, Jejunal and Transgastric-Jejunal Feeding Tubes.

What does MIC KEY Bolus Extension Set Include?

  • 12 inches or 24 inches extension set with catheter tip
  • Tubing Clamp
  • Connector 1 : Cath Tip/Bolus
  • Connector 2 : SECUR-LOK Straight/ Right Angle

Features of Kimberly-Clark Mic Key Extension Set

  • Mic Key Bolus Extension Set provides a complete range of motion by allowing the extension set to rotate within the MIC-KEY feeding port during movement
  • Product CE marked as per 93/42/EEC Directive
  • Ideal for Enteral Nutrition and/or Medication
  • Less obtrusive and easy to conceal
  • Tapered distal tip Single port
  • DEHP-Free Formulation
  • Individually wrapped
  • Single patient use
  • Low profile design
  • Clear tubing
  • Non-sterile
  • Latex-Free
  • Reusable

When to use Kimberly-Clark MIC-KEY Bolus Extension Set?When a person:
  • Unable to tolerate oral feeding
  • After a surgery
  • Cannot get enough nutrition via eating or drinking orally

How to Bolus Feed?

  • Clean your hands.
  • If you own a low-profile feeding tube, prime the extension tubing to eliminate any air before connecting it to the feeding tube. Priming the tubing helps block air from entering your stomach and creating distress.
    • Clamp the extension set.
    • Remove the syringe's plunger and connect the needle to the extension tubing.
  • Fill the syringe with about 15 mL of the formula.
    • Unclamp the extension set and let the formula flow just to the end of the tubing before clamping it.
    • Connect the feeding tube to the extension set.
  • If you have a gastrostomy tube, flush your tube with water.
    • Take out the syringe's plunger.
    • Connect your feeding tube to the syringe.
    • Fill the syringe with 10-15 mL of water and let it flow through your tube.
  • Rinse the outside of your formula vessel with a neat towel and open it.
  • One hand is used to hold the tube and syringe.
  • Gradually pour formula into the syringe with your other hand. Please leave it to flow by gravity into your stomach. It should take about 15 minutes to deliver 8 ounces of formula.
  • You can make the formula flow quicker by raising the syringe higher to your stomach.
  • You can make the formula flow more gradually by lowering the syringe to your stomach.
  • Wash your feeding tube with the amount of water suggested.
  • Close the feeding port and disconnect the extension tubing (if applicable). Clean your hands. Wash and air-dry all accessories and supplies.
  • Refrigerate any remaining formula and use it within 24 hours.
MIC-KEY Extension Set Composition:
  • Enteral Adapter: ABS
  • Extension Set Tubing: PVC
  • Connectors, Straps: PVC
  • Clamps: Polypropylene
Storage And Shelf Life of Kimberly-Clark MIC-KEY G Tube Extension Set:
  • Store Kimberly-Clark MIC-KEY Bolus Extension Set in a dry and cool place, away from sources of heat and radiation
  • Keep as much as practicably possible in its dispenser box
  • 3 years of shelf life from date of manufacture

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How to clean Mic Key Extension Tube?

  • Wash the tubing with warm water and mild soap, and rinse well.
  • Let it air dry and then store it in a clean place until the next use.
  • The one-way valve in the MIC-KEY may be damaged and cause leaks if left in place for too long.

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