Tandem - t:slim X2™ Insulin Pump [300 units] - Control-IQ Technology - Dexcom G6® CGM enabled*

The t:slim X2 insulin pump with Control‑IQ technology is designed to help increase time in range (70-180 mg/dL) using Dexcom G6 CGM values to predict glucose levels 30 minutes ahead and adjust insulin delivery accordingly.

Keeping your blood glucose in range can be stressful and time consuming. Control-IQ is an advanced hybrid closed-loop technology designed to help increase time in range, as measured by CGM, helping reduce both highs and lows.

  • Automatically adjusts insulin levels based on Dexcom G6® continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) readings
  • Delivers automatic correction boluses using predicted CGM values for 30 minutes in the future and makes a maximum of one automated correction per hour to help prevent hyperglycaemia
  • Includes optional settings for Sleep and Exercise that adjust range of treatment values for more control
  • Allows the user to manually bolus for meals
  • Cannot be used with Basal-IQ® Technology – only one algorithm can be used at any one time

Control-IQ is designed to help increase time in range (3.9-10.0 mmol/L) using Dexcom G6 CGM values to predict glucose levels 30 minutes ahead and adjust insulin delivery accordingly; including delivery of automatic correction boluses (up to one per hour).

Icons display on the pump screen to visually indicate when insulin delivery is increasing, decreasing, or stopped. Please refer to the table above for a breakdown of status icons.

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